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We are just not concerned with the design of the tattoos but also its quality. To ensure this, we keep best of equipments which can offer world class tattooing art. In our hygiene standards, no one can beat us as they match with the international standards. We start the process with the seal packed needles and once we are done, needles are either disposed or are given to you. Besides that, we also take care of cleanliness in things like ink caps, gloves, razors, etc.
Our art is famous all over India including all the major cities like Mumbai, Goa, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and New Delhi.

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Tattooing has been around in various forms for thousands of years, and some of those tattoos have been preserved in a way that are still eerily beautiful today. We might not think of it while we're sitting in the chair, but we're participating in an ancient tradition that goes back generations and generations, where people chose to get tattooed for reasons we can only imagine. We've had plenty of time to improve on ancient methods, so that's just left us to ask about what's going on in our own bodies as we subject them to this brief and beautiful torture.

We Work Seens 2010

“Dev Tattoo” Shop in Delhi, is the tattoo studio of the tattooist dev, Who is the Guinness World Record winner tattoo artist in India and one of the top 100 tattoo artists around the world. One of the most famous & best tattoo artist in New Delhi. After devoting nearly 9 years of his life to the art of painting and tattooing Manjeet still believes that he learns new things from every line he draws on skin.

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J 85 Main Market, Rajouri Garden, Upper Fusion The Cloth Shop Near Atul Chat Corner, New Delhi 110027